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Hey Everyone

December 28, 2012

Hey everyone!
how's it goin? hope everyone had a good christmas! the ended to our christmas was pretty good we had greg olsen come talk to us and that was pretty sweet. Then we got to watch "its a wonderful life" awesome movie! idk if you guys watched it this christmas season but just do it anyway cause its awesome! dad im gonna answer your questions. On average.. i get about 5 week? yeah, but the basically all come at once. but have the time its grandma and grandpa stoker sending me inspirational stories ;) soo i dont really count those ones. and Yes i got a letter from the Burtons! it was awesome! i wrote them back. Oh and i got the picture of the truck. Dang i love that truck. And yes all my teachers are fluent in portuguese and the speak it to me all the time and i speak it to them. Most of the time the whole lesson is in portuguese that they give us. it helps a lot.
Megan! Holy cow Paris France that is sooo legit! im sooo excited for you! all my companions were like dang thats a sweet mission to get called to!
So you guys might find this funny, Brother Radabaugh is the first counselor in our branch presidency. He's super cool and he speaks portuguese was a mission president there and everything and he teaches at byu international business. Anyway he told a story about how there family goes out in the woods and cuts down a christmas tree every year. I was like no way! thats what my family does! oh! and his son is in singles ward and singles second ward. i knew i recognized the son when i saw him! he's in those because Bro R's nephew is the guys who makes them. pretty cool eh?
So we just got finished cleaning the temple which was pretty cool. They gave us a tour of the 4th floor and the brides room. Those were pretty cool.
Guys only two more weeks left. holy cow. im soo close! i want to get out of here! 9 weeks is too long. im jealous of all the new missionaries. so i only got 10 min to write you so sorry this is so short. But one thing i wanted to tell you is look up 3 Nephi 27:16. Read it and imagine your self in front of God's throne being judged and then imagine Christ standing right next to you as you being judged and taking the pain and the guilt for the sins you've commited. It gives the Atonement a more visual aspect. anyway I love you all. Send me lots of Dear Elders these last two weeks because its the last time youre going to get to talk to me and ill get it the next day! after that its all email homies. well i gotta go.. grr. Please write me lots! Mom i havent decided whether to call you from provo on the 14 or in Dallas. Probably in dallas since i have a 4 hour layover there. Oh i cant wait to get out of here. Eu desjo que posso estar com voces a vezes, mas Eu gosto de aqui. The spelling of that was probably terrible. Darin write me about basketball and something else in your life. babes and hannah i want letters from you too! marissa thanks for the letter this week sorry i couldnt write back. but youre awesome. Te amo muito!
Elder Tingey

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