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Merry Christmas Everyone!

December 25, 2012

Mery Christmas Everyone!
I hope everyone has had a nice christmas.
Im having a semi white christmas up here. it snows then melts then snows then melts. but its good!
I cant wait to hear what everyone got for christmas! ps everyone write me and tell me how your christmas was and such! they havent given us dear elders for.... since friday. so finally tomorrow i will hopefully get some. Megan if you've open your mission call i cant wait to hear where you are going! im dying! idk if i said my guess yet but im guessing portugues speaking! hopefully it will be the pure Portuguese and not the corrupted one ;) (yeah thats right im looking at all you brazilians!)  Elder Nelson came and spoke to us this morning. It was good. he talked a whole lot about the logistics of missionary work... and like not about christ or christmas. anyway... oh! thank you so much for the gifts! i loved them! we had our little tree in our room and we opened them up this morning. Elder Dredges Family gave me a tie which was really nice of them. And babes, hannah, marissa, and darin thank you for all your gifts. They mean so much to me. oh darin Sorry bro i forgot to tell you that who cant really chew gum as a missionary so ill be sending that back home. So you can use it. Im sure youll need it for the ladies anyways! My favorite gift.. well one of my favorites was the pillow case! i seriously love it! i was just sooo happy when i got it. Country is sooo awesome! Such good lines of motivation! Get your shine on! Dont back up, dont back down! Full throttle, wide open! haha oh i love it.
 Well i wanted to share with you my testimony this Christmas. For this holiday truly is wonderful. I dont think that i have ever appriciated it as much as i have here. When you really focus on the true spirit of Christmas it just makes it so much more enjoyable! Just think about giving. And all that we have been given. God gave His son so we could live with Him again. Christ gave us the Atonement. The biggest and most important gift to the world. We celebrate Christs coming into the world. as a little child. His ministry, and his Death and his ressurection. Christ suffered all the pains and sorrows of this world for us. When we truly understand what the atonement is and what He has done for us we will Begin to love Christ. and When we live his doctrine, and use the atonement to the fullest, we learn of Him, and love Him even more. I am so Grateful for this gospel and the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I Testify, and I know, That He lives. That Jesus is the Christ. And that through him we can be saved and return to live with Him and our Father in Heaven. I love Him ever so Deeply and i continue to get to know Him and serve Him everyday.
Feliz Natal. But honestly i like saying it in English because it has Christ's name in it. Merry Christmas. I love you all soo much. You have no idea. I am so thankful for your love, support, and your prayers.

Have a very Merry Christmas, Love,
Elder Nathan Tingey 

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